Hiding display name for certain users


I have a model with sensitive HR data, and I need people which should not have access to identifiers of individuals to be able to enter data.

I have a list of employees, and I need, somehow, to build a dashboard which I can give other business areas access to, so they can enter forecast data. 

The problem is that they should not be allowed to see who the individuals are, meaning I need to mask the display name of the list somehow. 

Having multiple dimensions in the module containing the display name didn't work.

Any ideas of how this could be done?



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  • ryan_kohn
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    The first thing I tried was to use a numbered list with a display name property driven off a line item that uses DCA. However, this does not stop the display name from showing.


    Do you need a display name for your list at all? What about having no display name, and only using line items to show the identifiers on pages? This way, you can use DCA to hide the identifiers from the end users.


    However, one thing to note is that users will still be able to search the list using the CODE. So if they knew the unique identifiers via some other channel and were able to tie those back to an actual person, then they could potential reveal some sensitive data through exploration.


  • @fredrickstraube 


    There is no such feature to have a dynamic naming depending on user so far. But there is an idea on Idea Exchange which proposes the similar thing about different language in naming: https://community.anaplan.com/t5/Idea-Exchange/Multi-language-Pages-amp-Object-names/idi-p/131610


    Here is my solution for you

    I would say that with such security concerns you must change the approach and propose an employee ID instead of actual names.

    You can make it as a global thing in your model and use line items with an actual employee name where it's needed for clarity. Or you can have an additional list with IDs which is applied to the input modules where names have to be hidden.


  • Hi Ryan,

    My solution was to simply remove the display name and then for all UX views where certain users need to see then name, I added a column containing the information, then using DCA to filter who can see the data.

    Makes it a bit messy, especially when the input-module have time as dimension (as columns). For those cases, a separate module is required, but with the new sync scrolling functionality, it makes it good enough for now.

    Thanks for your input though!