Update Inventory Ordering to Allow Override of Shipping Method


Hi All,


I need some help here regarding the


Final Shipping Time in Weeks and

Final Shipping Method


Graphics attached.


When I run this using the default position of Road and a 2 week delivery time it works fin, irrespective of the week I place the order.


However, when I choose to Override Shipping Method, pick, say, Air with a 1 week delivery time the Week 1 Final Shipping Time changes correctly, but this doesn't carry through to other Weeks - with a knock on effect of not changing the Purchase Order Receipt Week.


I've pawed over my code and can no longer see the wood for the trees - can some one help resolve this block on the journey please?


Many thanks in advance.




  • @ChrisG532 Having the exact same issue... did you ever work it out? 

  • Hi Nick,


    Hold tight! All becomes clear a couple of lessons down the way.


    Just follow the lessons as written, and don't worry at this point.


    **** me up for a while, however it does get fixed - keep the faith.


  • Thanks @ChrisG532 


    figured out a workaround with the “push” function but was pulling my hair out trying to figure out why OFFSET wasn’t working since it uses less computation power.


    appreciate the response! 

  • Use POST function OFFSET not work here in this case