Lookup on text format

Is there a way to lookup on a list property of type "TEXT" from a module that has a property of type "TEXT" I have in module a property Index( Text) abc efg ijk lmn In the list I have a property Index(Text) Index  Index value abc       1 efg        2 ijk         3 lmn       4 I thought List.Index[Lookup:Index] will work since both are of type text? Can someone guide me on how to lookup not on a list data but on a text data



  • You can do this but you need to convert the text to a list-formatted line item first. (I'm assuming the Index line item is the name of the item in your list.)

    Let's say the list you're looking up is called My List. Then you need a new line item called List Member, list-formatted as My List, in the same module as Index, with this formula:
    FINDITEM(My List, Index)
    This converts the text to a list-formatted item. So now you can say
    My List.Index Value[LOOKUP: List Member]
    and that will return the Index Value you want.
  • Did this work for you, Pradhap?