Query on conditional formatting in Level 2 Sprint 3



In the training lesson Level 2 Sprint 3 -3.3.4  Create Stock Exceptions review ux page,   they have asked me to  

  • Apply conditional formatting to highlight the Stock Exception count greater than zero.
  • expected output



I have applied conditional formatting in custom view while publishing the module into ux page.

The problem is that for all values in the line item Safety Stock flag count it is coming in red colour

The Minimum Value that I have given in 1 and maximum value is 200


How to solve this problem?




  • @medaganeshamanikanta FYI I have moved your post to the Academy & Training forum.


    In regard to your question, here are some things to note about the way you have set up your conditional formatting.

    • Your color range has no variance, so it will set the same color for all of your values. Make sure to choose two difference colors for your conditional formatting (in a Boolean case like this, we would typically use white for the lower value and a different color for the upper value).
    • You haven't given Anaplan any indication of when NOT to color the line item. It's a nuance with the definition of the ranges for conditional formatting, but once Anaplan is at the end of the range, it will use that color for everything else. So your ranges are currently defined as:
      • Everything <1 up until 1, use red
      • From 1-200, use red
      • Everything >200, use red


    You can see from above that everything will be red! Hopefully the above gives you enough info to get the conditional formatting you want.

  • @ryan_kohn 

    Thanks a lot it helped me a lot