Text Functions


There should be a function to convert Date to Text -- call it TEXTDATE(x)


  • tbeck

    That would be great if there was a TEXTDATE(x) function. 


    There is a way around it that includes concatenating text fields based on the DAY(), MONTH(), and YEAR() of a particular date.


    I will demonstrate by using the day function, only to show an array of dates with multiple output options: 



    First, I create line items for the Text output for the Day, Month, and Year, I have separated them for display purposes but these line items can be nested into one if memory is a concern. 


    Next, I created multiple outputs in case there are different countries or business criteria across the company.


    Below if the grid view for the outputs of the different date formats: 







  • Thank you for this solution. This is helpful as there is no other option but creates unnecessary calculations and increases clutter.

    Vice versa the formula should work in the opposite way too.