Best way to have a daily model in Anaplan




I'm creating a Daily model in Anaplan that needs to skip over weekends and Holidays. Instead of putting a formula in every LI. What would the best way to approach this? Should I be by creating a LI in the SYS's module that has this formula that will skip over weekends and Holidays and then call upon that formula? Or is there another more specific way to create daily models in Anaplan? 


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  • You should create a system calendar module to identify the dates you want filtered, then use that filter throughout your model.  You can use the WEEKDAY function to determine what day of the week each date is then a formula to filter out Saturday and Sunday (they = 6 & 7 in the formula results). You can then setup a line item with a manual Boolean to check dates that are holiday's, and a final line for your actual filter that combines the "Weekday?" and "Holiday?" Filters.




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    I have a question about the List you dimensioned this module by. Is this a list of all the dates that will be used for the model? If so I would think creating a really large list like that could potentially slow down your model, correct? 

  • Thank you! This approach helped me with calculating the working days by month. 

    Is there maybe any way we could import the holidays instead of manually ticking them?