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As a Certified Solution Architect, you may be considering what next steps you can take in your journey within the Anaplan ecosystem and where you ultimately aspire to take your career with Anaplan. You've likely read articles, heard presentations, or experienced the mentorship of Certified Master Anaplanners as you've engaged in the Anaplan ecosystem during your journey so far and you may wonder if this path is right for you.

Certified Master Anaplanners wear many hats and drive immense impact back to the Anaplan ecosystem through their thought leadership, technical expertise, and Connected Planning evangelism. One of the key tenents of the Certified Master Anaplanner program focuses on sharing knowledge and expertise back to the broader Anaplan ecosystem, and they do so by engaging in activities throughout each year to share with and enable other Anaplanners. They are rewarded for their efforts with many perks, including participation in an exclusive community of similarly-skilled individuals with a diverse global perspective, special networking opportunities with leaders or other Anaplan experts, special annual conference event experiences curated for only Certified Master Anaplanners, and more.

If you are interested in becoming a Certified Master Anaplanner, we're excited to hear you're ready to take the next step by pursuing this certification! This information answers the most asked questions we receive on how to become a Certified Master Anaplanner.

Certified Master Anaplanner Program Overview

The Certified Master Anaplanner designation is the highest certification level in the Anaplan ecosystem. Certified Master Anaplanners engage and give back to the Anaplan ecosystem by sharing their expertise as thought leaders, technical experts, and Connected Planning evangelists. 

Although all Certified Master Anaplanners must also maintain their Certified Solution Architect designation, they take the next step in their certification level to become a Certified Master Anaplanner in order to drive greater impact across the entire Anaplan Ecosystem by giving back and sharing their knowledge while also having opportunities to receive additional benefits, such as special connections with select teams or leadership within Anaplan, exclusive opportunities to share in special events, and highlighted recognition opportunities to be showcased across the Anaplan ecosystem as an expert.

What are the requirements to become a Certified Master Anaplanner?

Certified Master Anaplanners must first become Certified Solution Architects. Once the Certified Solution Architect certification is attained, someone aspiring to become a Certified Master Anaplanner must create a Kryterion profile and register to take the Certified Master Anaplanner Exam.

There are no longer requirements to meet specific activity levels or complete required contributions to be eligible to register for the Certified Master Anaplanner Exam.

Is there a fee to take the Certified Master Anaplanner Exam?

Yes, there is a $550 + local tax fee per each exam attempt. Additional information on fees and the exam can be found here.

What if I fail the exam?

You can take the exam up to three times a year. Every retake requires payment (the exam fee plus local tax). Please note that there is a two-week waiting period between each failed exam attempt. The questions on the exam are randomly generated from a bank of questions, so each time you take the test you may have a different experience. Some of the questions might the same, but the exam retake will not be identical.

What study materials are available to review prior to taking the Certified Master Anaplanner Exam?

A list of essential topics to study for the Certified Master Anaplanner Exam is available on the Anaplan Community site.


  • For questions relating to the Certified Master Anaplanner Exam or questions about individuals who are not yet Certified Master Anaplanners, contact Bo Li, Certificate Program Manager, at
  • For questions about current Certified Master Anaplanner program initiatives or questions about currently Certified Master Anaplanners, contact Stacey Brooks, Principal Master Anaplanner Program Manager, at


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