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If you are an experienced model builder, you are already familiar with the power and flexibility that the Anaplan platform provides when solving your teams' planning needs.

In February 2023, we made the enhanced Modeling Experience (MX) the default experience for our users, and from April 2024, the old classic interface will no longer be available.

The MX is where you create your planning logic, manage model administration, and define model security. It has evolved substantially in recent releases to enable more efficient and productive model building now and in the future.

First, we introduced an updated interface which is more integrated with the end user experience (UX). UX pages, modules, lists can all be created, accessed and edited more easily.

Users have also benefitted from the enhanced search and navigation features.

In addition, modelers have found the new formula editor to be a more intuitive and productive experience.

2023 saw further enhancements to the MX. For example:

Page Builders can now create a UX App, Page, and Category all from the Pages tab.

We released Smart Formatting to help model builders as they type into the formula editor. Conditional logic is automatically indented, spacing is adjusted. Formatting pasted logic fits the formula structure. Complex formulae are now much easier to read and understand.

The introduction of Formula Syntax Checking means Model Builders are now alerted to syntax errors in formulae, with the visual cue of real-time formula highlights. They can immediately see where an issue is and so resolve it before applying a formula. Rollbacks are minimised and productivity is increased accordingly.

Now, from the Pages tab, Model and Page Builders can now see all of the module views and line items that are published onto a particular UX page

The MX can be used by all customers and by all users but was designed for the Anaplan model builder. The look and feel and enhanced navigation will help users more efficiently access the information they need most from within the models. Capabilities such as the new formula editor and fast access to modeling objects help reduce errors and increase productivity for the model builders.

  • Model Builders will be the key users and beneficiaries of the MX, with the majority of enhancements focused on:
    • Making model building more intuitive
    • Enhancing navigation
    • Improving modeling productivity
    • Integrating with the UX

  • End-Users can use the MX if they need to directly interact with modules and/or in-model (Classic) dashboards. The most significant enhancement for end-users is the simplicity of model navigation, featuring:
    • In Model Search functionality in the table of contents
    • Drop downs in the page header for switching between models

  • Integration or Model Admins, depending on model permissions, will be able to more efficiently complete model updates and data integration activities that require in-model dashboards or functionality by using:
    • Enhanced navigation
    • Model object & content search
    • Formula preview mode.

All users will find that the overall functionality remains familiar while providing an efficient and streamlined interface.

Where can I learn more?

Ready to learn more about the new Formula Editor, Model Object Search, or Navigation? Check out the Modeling Experience page on Anapedia.

Watch this quick overview and walkthrough to see the new Modeling Experience action.

Or take a look at the Model Experience as an End-User.

What other resources are available?

Check the Platform Updates to learn about new Model Experience features.
Keep up to date with First Looks: New Features in Modeling

Review the FAQs for preparing for when the new Modeling Experience becomes the default.

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  • KirillKuznetsov
    edited November 2022

    Thank you for the info. Does it mean that the Classic interface will be unavailable this autumn? Or the toggle "Use New modelling experience" will be turned on by default with ability to use switch back to the Classic?


  • SriG
    edited November 2022

    @KirillKuznetsov New modeling experience will be the default, with the ability to switch to classic. 

  • Jonnyf
    edited November 2022

    Hi Team, 


    The new modelling experience is great and I have been using it more lately but for model build I revert to the old UX as the un-docking feature is not available. If this could be made available I almost see no need for the old modelling experience. There are several request for enhancements on this topic, please make it a consideration for development..





  • eschera
    edited November 2022

    Glad to hear that you are liking what is already available and that the undock (or similar functionality) is the last piece of the puzzle for you.  Hold tight @Jonnyf😉

  • Kovalskaya
    edited November 2022

    Hi team! As new model experience is preferred and as we now create all new tools in NUX and move existing tools from Classic UX to NUX, do you have plans to change Models-Pages-Apps order on the Home dashboard? Users, especially new users, often open the "first item with the needed name" that they see. And so currently they often open Model instead of App.



  • m.angeles11
    edited November 2022

    I have made the switch to the NUX some months ago as I really think I can pretty much do everything that I used to do in the Classic UX and have it done in a more efficient way. 


    One key thing that bugs me about it is the fact that the modules used in App pages in the NUX do not currently show in the "Used in Dashboards" column in Module settings.  It's a bit of a pain having to check the App Pages to double check if a module that you would like to delete is used in one or more App pages.  Anaplan doesn't prevent the deletion of a module being used in NUX pages so you only find this out when you go to a NUX page and find that you no longer have access to grid views from modules that you have already deteled.


    I know is in the roadmap but I really hope it comes soon to avoid unnecessary time spent on checking/restoring stuff.


    The only other big thing for me that would be great to have is the ability to change the model source for an App more easily than having to go through each App page when multiple model sources are being used.  It would be great to have feature where page builders can just repoint an existing model source to a new model source for an entire App rather than going page by page which can be a time consuming process and one that can easily cause mistakes.  


    Again, I believe this is already on the roadmap but would love to have it prioritised as this is something that we often have to change for clients several times during a project.

  • MiadaH
    edited November 2022

    @Kovalskaya this is something we're definitely keen to look into in the coming year, How we go about doing it is still being investigated, but the answer to your question is yes.

  • SriG
    edited November 2022

    @m.angeles11 Thanks for your feedback.

  • RavinderB
    edited November 2022

    @eschera @SriG @annejulie Nice article, simple and well written. Thank You. Ravinder.

  • jtwang54
    edited November 2022


    Do you know the official date when New Modeling Experience will become the default? It states November 2022 above and I do not currently see the NMX as default. Thanks!

  • eschera
    edited November 2022

    @jtwang54 Next Monday, November 21.  Starting at 8 am GMT, Midnight PST 🎉

  • jtwang54
    edited November 2022

    @eschera  Thank you!

  • eschera
    edited November 2022

    @jtwang54 In case you missed it, the default switchover has been delayed. You and your users can still choose to use the new experience in the meantime. It will just not be the default experience.