Change Fiscal year Start Month

Hi teams,


as we know fiscal year start month start from Jan & end in Dec, but i have different view

my view is start form M1 & end in M12,


How i change M1 to Jan ?








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  • Panji
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    I have view like that because my browser language using "bahasa indonesia", if we want change the Fiscal year start month from M1 to Jan we need to change brower language to "english"


    form this 



    to this





  • @Panji 


    Interesting, very interesting...What is in the dropdown?

  • Hi @rob_marshall ,


    Here this dropdown





  • @Panji 


    I can honestly say I have never seen that before and can only think of one way that happened, but you don't have access to do that.  Do you know how old this model is?

  • Hi @rob_marshall,


    that view happen because my browser language using "bahasa indonesia", after i change the language to "english" the view will changed to Jan






  • @Panji 


    Wow, I would not have thought of that, good thinking.  Glad you solved it.

  • This is the coolest most quirky thread I have come across in a long time! Very interesting! Fascinated by this and also wondering if there are other variations of months anyone has come across.