Best practice for supply chain route planning?




I am building a supply chain planning system, which has different order types. Depending on the specific order type it has to hit only specific workcenters in a specific sequence with specific lead times.


I have created a list with the different order combinations, e.g. "ProductA_Wood_Black"

And also a list with the workcenters available throughout the chain, e.g. "Design" "Manufacturing" "Quality Control"


Furthermore I have created a module with the different order combinations as rows and the workcenters columns, for which the line item is lead time in the amount of weeks as well as a boolean line item, that just says "true" if the given item has a lead time stated for it.


I have a weekly demand overview of the different order types that enter the chain in specific weeks, and from there I then need to calculate a forecast for each workcenter in terms of how much is taken in, is in process and is outputted on a weekly basis for every workcenter from start to finish.


I have not found any apps or posts that hint at a best practice solution for accomplishing this. As we frequently have changes (addition/deletion) to the workcenters and the routing throughout them I would like to make the system as smart/flexible as it can possibly be done. Does anyone have any ideas and/or know of a model/source where I can see how to handle this type of challenge? E.g. can I do this in óne module alone? Or do I need modules for each of the workcenters?


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