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if I need to create and add code to already existing numbered list. What are actions to be taken. I understand list should be exported to excel and then create code and reimport to model but how to create code? What’s the best practice to ensure uniqueness. Thank you 


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    There is already some great advice in this thread from @Sai_Bharadwaj_Venati and @rob_marshall.


    For the final step of importing the new code back into the list, make sure you specificy in the import that items are uniquely identified by the Name (#ID for a numbered list), and map both the #ID and the Code. Normally you would map imports into a list based on a unique code, but by mapping based on unique Name and providing a code, you are telling Anaplan to update the Code.


    See below for mapping example and you can also read more about import options into Numbered Lists.






  • Hi Naaz,


    If you want to update code, one way is to definitely exporting to Excel and Reimporting. Alternatively you can use System module in Anaplan and do the same. I always believe maintaining it in System Modules is way better than Excel Export and Import.


    To identify duplicates of a Code in that system module -> you can simply use isfirstoccurance formula and it will return false if any duplicate codes are present. You may have to right additional or seperate logics to show both duplicate items together. 


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  • @Shahenaz 


    One more thing to add, or really a question, how many members are you looking to update?  I ask because it might be easier to manually update them directly in the list.  But, if there are too many members, create a SYS module (like @Sai_Bharadwaj_Venati stated), and create a line item (text formatted) with the formula name(item(list name)).  This will create the #number ID that you can use when importing back to the list.  Create another line item (text formatted) named Code.  Now you can export the sys module, and use the Code line item to import back in OR you can manually update the SYS module code line item and then import that back to the list.