Updating Salesforce with Anaplan data in real-time



Has anyone seen an environment where Anaplan updates Salesforce in near real-time? If you have, what tool(s) are you using to run the inter-system integrations? What is the export frequency set at between the systems? 


We have a use case where an end-user inputs data into Anaplan, then clicks a process button to "submit" the data to an export ready saved view in a module. An integration tool would then export the data from Anaplan and transfer it to Salesforce. We have several integration tools that can move the data between Anaplan-Salesforce. So we have different options available. My concern is that our Anaplan models will get locked up if integrations are running too frequently.    


  • @michael.chefer in theory the SFDC to Anaplan update should be possible in Azure or AWS. I know Azure better, but think there is an equivalent in AWS.


    In Azure you could create a logic app, the trigger for this would be SFDC record created / updated. So this means when an SFDC record is created or updated the logic app will run. Off this trigger you could then get the SFDC record and create / update / delete in Anaplan by running a custom API call via the transactional API.


    Going the other way would be more difficult though (Anaplan to SFDC), Anaplan does not have any web-hook functionality via the API (as in it cannot tell you when a record has changed). So going from Anaplan to SFDC you would need to run a scheduled synchronisation job back the other way. Again you can do this via an Azure logic app, but this time the trigger would be a schedule. In your case as you already have a filtered view of records to update you may be able to run this import pretty frequently, again if you use the Anaplan transactional API you will not get blocking actions, so the Anaplan performance impact should be low. 


    I wrote an article with more detail on Azure Anaplan integration here, which should give you bit more detail on the mechanics, it isn't the full picture but should give you a good view: