Level 3 examination Technical Exam


Hi all,


I am trying to give technical exam.
But I believe there are some new roles and we would need a QUO03 Quota Assumptions file to be upload.


Any suggestions.



  • I may be experiencing a similar issue with my first attempt today (I hope my second attempt goes better). I'm going to ask this as professionally as I can, keeping it at a high level as not give away any answers or hints. 


    With your question regarding Quota Assumptions, remember that the exam asks you to download some files, one of which is a new Employee Details text file. This text file contains a column for commissions rate for Sales Employees. Did you use the commission rates in this downloaded Employee Details file, or did you use the Commission Rates from Sprint 2, which are formula driven and based off of the Quota Assumptions module? Depending on which rates you use, this will obviously give you very different results. 

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    I also faced the same issue with level 3 technical examination, it does not have Quota assumption data provided for some roles loaded in the employee detail. I believe quota assumptions should be provided or Roles should be updated in employee detail based on Quota Assumption data provided with Level 3 Sprint 2.

  • I m facing the same issue does anyone have an answer?

  • I've just had the same issue. After some investigation, my advice would be to carefully review the Employee details file used for the exam and how you map this in the import.