L2 Model Building Sprint 1 Activity 1.5.6: Facing issue in importing data




When importing data in DAT03 Historic Volumes Module, which contains week wise volume data of the previous year (time ranges was created, and included as line item in the module), I am facing the following error:

Import into DAT03 Historic Volumes module unsuccessful: Ensure the column headers in the import file map to the correct dimensions in your module, then run the import again.
  • Invalid line item identifier


My understanding is that column headers were not selected while mapping, which is the reason why the import is halted. But, as far as I can perceive, there is no option for me to allocate column headers in the mapping area. 

(Mapping screenshots included in this post)


Please share your solutions and help me get better at Model Building. 

Looking forward for your replies,

Vignesh K






  • hi


    You can use 'Match Names' for your time settings; as these are calender settings you can reference these directly as names.

    if they were different formats e.g. Y-M then you will need different format settings.


    Thank you