Announcing the 2022 Master Anaplanner of the Year!

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Congratulations to Anaplan’s 2022 Certified Master Anaplanner of the Year, Asslam Umar Ali from Fortescue Metals Group!

Asslam is a Principal Performance Management professional with over 15 years of experience. He currently manages the enterprise planning program including the Center of Excellence at Fortescue Metals Group. Asslam is passionate about the core concept of Connected Planning and specializes in business-led transformation and having direct positive impact across the business functions — not just operating margins. He strongly believes in breaking down data silos, helping stakeholders with their finance vision, and envisages the digital evolution with evolving technologies to improve decision making with single source of truth and to close the loop between strategy through to execution.

Asslam Profile 2022.jpgWinning Master Anaplanner of the year is no small feat! Asslam (@Asslam) demonstrates technical expertise in all aspects of Anaplan’s functionality, regularly shares impactful thought leadership within his organization and in the Anaplan Community, and evangelizes the powerful impact of Anaplan and Connected Planning. If you missed it, check out Asslam’s recent Community blog post, Why Anaplan solutions are critical to global climate change challenges.

“Asslam the very first Certified Master Anaplanner of the Year award winner from the APAC region, and what a well-deserved award it is! At every turn, he continues to actively engage in the Certified Master Anaplanner program, eager to share his thought leadership, technical expertise, and connected planning evangelism with the broader Anaplan ecosystem which drives immense impact. Already through the first half of 2022, he has accumulated or committed to contribution activities totaling 1,400 points — 3.5 times the required points for any Certified Master Anaplanner! This demonstrates the passion he has for engaging in the program and connecting with the community.”

- Stacey Brooks, Principal Master Anaplanner Program Manager, Anaplan

Asslam was recognized this week at Anaplan Live! in San Jose. A huge congratulations and thank you to Asslam!

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