Text Based Line Item Subset/Page Selector Filter


So I have project list. A module which captures weekly update of the project, its not dimensioned by time.

I record the previous weeks updates using an action, avoiding time completely. 

Currently i have 10 line items in my module which captures previous week's updates. Is there a way i can give a view to the end user where project updates are displayed by these aforementioned "previous week updates' line items. 

For example, I select a filter previous update (two weeks prior) then only show values for that week ?  



  • I do not understand the problem completely, but here is a generic solution.


    1. Create a line item in your model and run a [Anaplan Conect] script that will update the date from the server to this line item.

    2. For every change that you make to the data copy the Date/timestamp to a new line item

    3. Create a boolean filter with a formula ~ Server Date-Timestamp<=7 Days

    4. Apply this filter on the grid view. Now the view will only show records updated in the last week.



  • To use a filter you need to add a dimension to a systems module and then allow the user to select which items to use via a boolean which can then be used to feed into a filter function.
    The straightforward way of doing this when filtering line items is to create a line item subset and use this as the dimension in the filter module.
    However, line item subsets can only be created for number formatted line items.
    Therefore, the best way to achieve what you are looking for is to use a list to collect the data rather than line items. Then use this list in a filter module to allow a user to filter the view.
    Also, be mindful that you will need to include the user list in the module that feeds into filter so that the outcome is user dependent.
    Good Luck!