Filter Text based Line Items



There is a requirement where I need to give the users an option to select the line items they want to view. 

For example, I have a module dimensioned by Projects and line items like Comments, Previous Comments, Previous to Previous comments. 

I want to give user the option, by default all is shown, but if they wish they can select just "previous to previous" comments thereby they only view that on their screen. 

There is a native show/hide functionality but is there a possibility to do the above. Thanks



  • Hi @Sachinsourav02 ,


    Unfortunately, it won't work for text-formatted line items. 


    But, you can make a dynamic line item filter for number formatted items with Line Item subsets. When filetering your actual line items would respect a filter condition that you could build in the LI subsets. 


    Depending on how you have built the module you might want to try a list with items Comment 1, 2, 3 ... In that case, you would be able to build a filter based on the list that holds comments, in addition, you could enable the users to add additional comment items if necessary.