3.3.12 Activity: Create Product Replenishment UX Page


Couple of questions based on my current UX Page and the screenshot from training

  1. FireShot Capture 045 - Product Replenishment - Anaplan - us1a.app.anaplan.com.pngFireShot Capture 046 -  - learning.anaplan.com.png

     Is there any way to shift the context selectors on the top? i.e. if I want to have Time on left and Product on right instead of how it currently is.

  2. Why are the Booleans in the INV01 grid not editable like they are in the material's prototype UX page?
  3. I cannot get the Planning Period Filter to sync to the grid and chart below. Any idea what may cause that?


  • pjc95
    I have figure out how to get my data editable and linked the grid to time selector! I forgot to click publish after I clicked it before on the INV01 grid.
  • Hi,

    How did you sync planning period filter with the card below?