INV05 Data



For some reason my data from shipping cost is not populating. I went back and checked all the formulas from INV01 and they look accurate. What could be wrong?



  • @SabrinaE 

    Great callout and a common concern. Your formula is awesome so we need to reverse engineer the formula to find the breakdown. 

    First, lets take a look at your SUM function. In order for this to work the SOURCE must be using a "G3 Location" list formatted line item (or sublist), "supplied by" in my case, Distribution Center in your case. Let's go to SYS08 and make sure your DC is populated. If it's not just reload and make sure the Distribution Center line item is formatted as a G3 List or G3 Sublist. In this case "s G3 Location: Distribution Center."




    Lastly, try organizing your view like this, it will make your import more efficient.



  • Jared, thanks for your quick response and support. This is my blueprint view for SY08.I have it listed under Parent so it should be populating the information. Should I try to reload?





  • Getting closer @SabrinaE 

    SYS08 looks good.

    So we are left with INV01 Final Shipping Costs. Can you validate that the calculation is working correctly?

    INV01 should look something like this for Final Shipping Costs.


    Your formula should also look like this:

    Final Shipment Amount / 1000 * 'TRA01 Shipping Metrics by Week'.'Cost per 1000 Units'[LOOKUP: Final Shipping Method, LOOKUP: 'SYS08 SKU Details'.Product]

  • I just viewed and my formula is accurate, but I have  no results which is  why the formula is not working. 



  • This is what I have 




  • I am having similar issues. I went back and looked at my SYS08 SKU Details module, but something is off. I have the correct formulas, but I'm getting empty fields. I have attached my screens below. I could really use some assistance

  • @SabrinaE @Bcopeland64 

    You're both probably okay. INV01 gets populated fully during the sprint exam. For now you can test it by creating a final shipping amount. Then seeing if it flows through to your export view. Don't forget to uncheck the booleans after your test.

    If you're doing this as part of the sprint exam, you'll need to reload the file so all the booleans get checked. Will look like this:



  • Thanks for the information. I'm actually doing the conclusion right now not the exam. The populated information is need for the export into the other module which is why I am stuck and unable to move on.

  • @SabrinaE 

    Yeah, You'll need to go through the sprint exam to obtain the file you need.

    If you need to skip that part then you'll have to make up the purchase order requests yourself for now.

  • Thanks Jared 

  • @SabrinaE 

    Check your email on Anaplan.

  • @JaredDolich Thanks for your quick reply! Much appreciated!

  • do you mind sharing how you got the missing data to show in the module?

  • Hi folks,

    I went through Sprint 3 Exam where file with checked boxes was loaded into INV01 module. While INV01 have some data populated with Final Shipping Costs, it does not flow into INV05 still.

    So when I apply filtering in INV05 for the saved export view the whole view is empty.

    Anyone able to help?

  • Just was able to solve this!

    For anyone running into this issue:

    Make sure that Summary Method is set to Sum in source module (INV01). Since INV05 is set to Monthly and INV01 is set to Weekly Timescale, you want Weekly values to be summed up to monthly in the target module.