Importing fata


I'm unable to upload data for utilities and total line item plz help. Screenshot (13).pngScreenshot (14).pngScreenshot (15).pngScreenshot (16).pngScreenshot (17).pngScreenshot (12).png

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  • Rohs98
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    Hey Hi Ankit thanks got that, can you help me with the formula for total  ?


  • You have misspelled Utilities in target module which is why it is not mapping by default. Either correct the spelling or map it manually (Map items manually on top left). 

    You don't have a total line item in your source so which column do you want to map it to? Are you sure you want to import into total? It could also be formula driven 🙂

  • If the requirement is very simple.


    It should be simply: <Shipping Costs + Rent + Utilities + Shared Costs>


    While if the total is required to be on a specific list summary, You can lookup the parent or create a line item for the base of the lookup.