Percentage format, eMail body, TEXT Function



Running into a rather simple issue, wanted to use the anaplan mail to function with the body picking up few data from the module, for example: - 

Marks obtained by each student is stored in line item called 'STUD1.1 Student Details'.Marks
Marks Obtained = 70% 

Now my mail body formula would be "Marks Obtained = " & TEXT('STUD1.1 Student Details'.Marks)

However, the result returns 

Marks Obtained = 0.7

Is there a way i can display the same in percentage format. Directly referring without using TEXT function returns error, since Text & Number cannot be concatenated.

Thanks for the help


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  • Hi @Sachinsourav02,

    Not so easily, but with just a little transformation you can achieve the result that you want, like:
    "Marks Obtained = " & RIGHT("0" & TEXT(ROUND('STUD1.1 Student Details'.Marks * 100,0,NEAREST,EXACT)),2) & "%"
    1. You can firstly multiply number *100, to have a whole number, so in your case 70.
    2. Then you use TEXT function on it to get a string, and you can concatenate it with "%", so you arrive to "70%"
    3. Depending on if you want "5%" to be displayed as "5%" or "05%", you can also do things like RIGHT("0" & TEXT(Num)),2).
    4. You probably also need to apply ROUND() function (and test it!) for cases like "not whole percentages" or "rounding inaccuracies".