Importing Hiearchies




I'm trying to import our company structure, the structure is made up of Department > Division > Cost Centre > Budget


Some items in the Division list have the same name as their parent and are being rejected e.g. Marketing > Marketing > Brand > Brand Budget


Does anyone know how to resolve this?



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  • einas.ibrahim

    Hello @motorwaygn 

    That is the normal behavior, by creating a numbered list you are giving Anaplan the "right" to name your list so it can ensure the uniqueness of the names.
    However, you still can choose to display a different text for the name.   
    1. Create a property in the list and call it anything but we usually call it "Display Name"

    2. In the General List page, locate your Numbered list and scroll to the right until you find the column titled "Display Name Property"

    3. Choose the property you created 


    Now whatever name you will import into the Display Name property of the list will become the name you see.


  • Hi @motorwaygn 

    I prefer to have a suffix or prefix to repetitive items to make it unique and then import it. 

    But if that is not possible to maintain, you can create a numbered list and try to import have the hierarchy. But creating numbered list means you are already eliminating "Name" of list item. so you should unify the list by code. you should have a display name as replacement for "Name" of that list.


  • Hi @ManjunathKN 


    Thanks for your reply.


    When I convert the Division to a numbered list the Anaplan unique identifiers are displayed in my hierarchy rather than the actual Division name, do you know why this would be?



  • @motorwaygn 

    What is the property of that numbered list, have you kept the actual division name as display name of numbered list.?