L3_No location data for accounts


There is no location data available to link to accounts (Level 3) and progress user story 1.4


I have seen this topic elsewhere with no response - suggest making this clearer as it prohibits people from completing the training for no reason


  • Hi


    You should have location data in both the data hub and spoke models: flat files. May need to check your data hub again.






    Screenshot 2022-08-01 at 09.48.55.png

    Screenshot 2022-08-01 at 09.49.06.png

  • I am also confused by this - @RavinderB is showing Locations, which I have in DataHub, but the User Story 1.4 requires a link between Accounts and Locations/Country. This information showing the Location/Country where an Account is located isn't provided and I'm guessing we're not just supposed to make it up…

  • @charlesvarnell Check the SYS-module of Accounts list (not Accounts Flat). Location and Country can be there.