extend time to access anaplan



Unfortunately,  my access  to my profile was expired,  All my models and apps and Data have disappeared which I need to finish my course. I am middle of level 2 and it is very important to finish my lessons.

Do you Know How can I recover my DATA or extend my access?

I am a student and 90 days were not enough for my to finish It.


  • @student 

    You can try sending a note to academy@anaplan.com. They might be able to reinstate the access.

  • student

    Thank you,
    I have sent an email to them and I Am waiting for their answers

    I hope they give me my access again

  • student

    they did not answer my emails :(((

    I do not know what can I do now?



  • @student @JaredDolich 

    There was a survey given to trial access holders during learning period of 90 days which could be extended upto 120 days if the survey was completed. Is the same process going on or is it stopped. Because I had got my access extended during my learning period in this way. Hope student might also get something like this!!




    Muizz S.

  • Hi JaredDolich and muizzsk9890 Can you guys please help and suggest on below , i am struggling for 90 days free trail

    i am facing this issue to get 90 days free trail access, need workspace access to complete Certifications, could you please suggest why i am getting below email from Anaplan team , am i doing anything wrong, i have completed Anaplan way and all other mentioned terms and conditions -

    • You are employed by a customer or partner. This program is for unaffiliated learners. Please contact your internal Anaplan team for access to the platform → I am not employed by a customer or partner , ai am an independent learner here
    • You have previously taken advantage of this → Never
    • Your account does not contain a full first and full last name.→ all are filled
    • You have applied to this program with multiple emails. →first time user
    • You have not completed -The Anaplan Way lessons. →completed
    • We have a limited capacity and are not able to satisfy all requests at this time. →is this every fresher facing this issue only me ?