NUX: Time Synchronization Bug


As anyone been facing an issue where the syncing of time in the New UX is going all over the place when a mixture of time ranges and model calendar is used on one page?


Bug: Selecting FY23, on the context selector, followed by clicking on a month column in a table will cos the various tables to lose the sync everywhere, and the end user will have to toggle the context selector across different years in order to get the unified once more.







  • @eang92 

    Good callout. I haven't seen this happen before but you can try a few of things to see if you can get things right.

    • Make sure your context selectors are synched. It's possible that you're time range is not using the same calendar as what's in your selector.
    • Take a look at your time filters, if they conflict with the selector you'll get different results
    • If your calendars are indeed different then you may need to create a filter instead and apply them to both calendars.
    • If it's possible to use the same calendar, this will help too. 
  • eang92



    Thanks for the quick reply on this!

    You're right that this is happening due to different time ranges / calendar applied across the various tables, and will look to standardize them!

    However, there could be times where tables need to have different calendars applied to support various business requirements, and would be good if this bug could be addressed in the future 🙂



  • Depending on your requirements, you could also consider disabling "Sync on selection" for the Time dimension on that particular grid card. This will allow users to click on the month column, but not update the rest of the elements on the page.


    See here for more detail: