Upload same Idlaoder with differents amounts


Hi everyone,


Can you help me with the next problem, please?


I need to load some information and the criteria for upload is the Idloader list. I am testing what happens when uploading two rows that have the same Idloader but different amounts and I am waiting that Anaplan to upload just the last amount. In this case, if I upload two rows I hope that Anaplan just shows the last, but Anapla SUM both lines.


Do you know if I have selected something in the settings to solve this problem?.


Next, I show the file that I want to upload.





  • @CarlosRod 

    Interesting. Anaplan, to my knowledge, will not allow you to import the first, last, average, max, min, etc. on the import process. The import, by default, will SUM all duplicate rows. I have two suggestions though for you to consider.

    1. When we import data, generally, and as a best practice, we dimension time. The reason is because the list items cost 500 Bytes each. So by adding the time dimension you can save a lot of space and it will import faster.
    2. If you absolutely must have duplicate records and you need Anaplan to take the last record, you can consider creating a staging module. This is not best practice but sometimes it has to be done. The staging module is identified by a sequential number so all rows will load. Then you can use the LASTNONBLANK aggregation function. Keep in mind using a staging table will require A LOT of validation and cleanup. So hopefully, you can fix the import file before sending in to Anaplan.

    Good luck! Let us know what you end up doing!