Export Action to Power BI



I´ve created an export button to export a table from Anaplan to Power BI using Anaplan Connector. I can see the table in a list of export action in Anaplan, as shown below:




However, I´m not able to find this export in Anaplan Conector in my Power BI. I search the right way to get to the table but this export name "LE comments PBI Export" for example doesn´t appear (screenshot below). Can someone help me to find the right export on Anaplan Connector, please!? 🙂 TKSS




  • @Nath 

    Three possibilities I can think of.

    1. The first is that only exports from your default tenant will appear. If you try to access exports from other tenants they won't be available to you.
    2. Make sure your export is a CSV or TXT format. You cannot use XLS or XLSX.
    3. Make sure you set the right access to the export. You can read more about "private" "admin only" and "everyone" here at this link.



  • I'd also add 4. For one of the exports you can see compare and contrast that one to the ones that don't work. It'll probably be one of the reasons that @JaredDolich mentions...