How to make line items read only for few users?


Beginner question: I have a simple module with two lists (org and products) and three line items: Qty, Price, Sales. Qty is an input field. Price is an imported field. Sales is a calc. The Price field must be read only for few users for all forecast months. What are the steps to make the price field read only? I did not find any specific instructions to implement this basic functionality. Please advise.


Best Answer

  • jeremiebrunet
    You can import the prices into a separate module, make this price book module read only for a group of users allowed to change quantities only, and then pull the Price line item into your module from the price book module. I'm assuming that you want the price to be read only for all periods, because if users should not have the right to change the price in forecast periods, I don't a reason why they could do it for actual periods. One benefit of this approach is also that you don't need to use as many dimensions in your price book, for instance if your price doesn't vary by period, or entity, or version...