Level 1 Lesson 4.6.8



     Any advice on how I can get the codes to show in the code column? I'm not getting any errors when importing the data. 


  • @CrystalR 

    Crystal! You're so close.

    Just reorder the mapping a bit. For the Code use the two letter values. For the name use the description. Like this:




  • When I try that mapping, I'm getting the invalid name message. 

  • @CrystalR 

    It looks like you created a staggered list, so you'll need to remove the branches. Hopefully your not that far into this course because this will change the employee mapping if you've loaded that. Another option is to manually change the list. This might be the easiest way. Make sure you remove the branches though (the children). Last resort is to delete the department list and rebuild it. This will require you to rebuild the employee list too.

  • Thank you so much! I took the manual route and also removed the branches. 

  • @CrystalR Awesome!

    You're on the way to becoming an Anaplan champion. Way to go.