unable to get access anaplan


i have credentials to log in anaplan community.but while log in to the worksapce by  using same credentials it  showing as incorrect .while going to password reset, unble to get reset password to the mail id.

please do needful.



  • @sridhark 

    This sometimes happens, especially with Chrome, when your Academy password is not the same as your Anaplan workspace password. Here are a couple of suggestions:

    • Completely close the browser, all windows, and try again.
    • Try Chrome incognito
    • Use a different browser
    • It is possible that you've locked yourself out with invalid passwords and/or your 90 day password update is necessary. In that case, change your password. As a habit, I always change my academy password and Anaplan workspace password at the same time to keep them in synch.

    Hope that helps.

  • how do we get anaplan worksapce password ??? let me know that .while log in time  to www.anaplan.com password showing as incorrect .if we go for reset password option .we haven't received any password to mail id