Level 2 - Sprint 1 - - Why Is Default Shipping on the "Location Flat" Tab for Filtering?


Hi everyone, thank you for any help!


I am on Level 2 - Sprint 1 - - Where I need to filter to only show locations with a Distribution Centers. I was able to complete this successfully, but I am confused as to why the "Distribution Center?" subset is available on the "Location Flat" tab of the filtering window instead of the "Line Items" tab since it appears to be a line item?


If I pivot Line Items up to Pages on the SYS07 Location Details Module, it shows the Line Items as Code, Country, Region, Distribution Center?, and Default Shipping. So I would have thought for filtering that Distribution Center?" would be under the Lines Items tab?


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  • @NickUrbanski 

    Love your thinking. Great callout. This is what I like to call Modeler's Choice!

    The filter is doing the exact same thing as the intention of the sublist but there are a couple of differences and conditions where one would be better than the other.

    Sublists are great for narrowing down the list and giving you a smaller module; plus, you can always run an import to change the checklist and Anaplan will automatically update the module.

    Filters are great for dynamic reporting, saved views, and establishing business rules. You can use formulas to establish the filter whereas the sublist can only be changed by action or manually checking the boxes in the list.


    Here you can see how the sublist can be used in a module but the only way to change a sublist is through an action or manually going into the list.




  • Thank you for your detailed reply sir! I really appreciate your help!