L1 Lesson 6.9.3


     Is there a way to delete the All Products column? I can't delete it from the Products list because it is considered a top level item somehow. I'm not sure how it got there. 


  • @CrystalR 

    Believe it or not, this is something that happens to a lot of people. What's happened here is that the All Products was added as a list item and now all the products are becoming children of that parent, creating a staggered list. Two ways you can attempt to correct this:

    1. Create a top level called "All Products Temp" (cannot be the same name as one of the list items). Move all the products underneath the "All Products Temp". Then delete the "All Products" list item. Rename your top level as "All Products"
    2. Delete the list and start over. This time start by creating the top level "All Products" Then reload the product list using "All Products" as parent, or leave it blank and Anaplan will automatically assume All Products is the Parent.
  • Thank you for the suggestion. I had to reimport the data for the list. Now, it is listing all of the product names as well. 

  • @CrystalR 

    Close. Close.

    I would suggest deleting the list items completely and reload starting with product family, then product. SKU will come later, so don't worry about that one. Make sure your lists look like this.



  • I am unable to delete the list. I get a message of P1 Product Family is still in use in the Applies To for 'SYS05 Product Family Details'. Also, my lists currently match what you have as well. 

  • @CrystalR 

    Sorry, I should be more clear. Don't delete the lists, delete the list items.

  • I apologize. I read it the wrong way. You did state it correctly the first time. The issue was within the P2 Products list. After reloading that list, it was a success! Thank you very much for assisting me. I greatly appreciate it. 

  • You're an Anaplan champion @CrystalR - Keep going! You've got this.