Level 1 Model Building Exam - Model Building Activity 4

Hi, can anyone help me to figure out what's causing the error for importing the data into EMPO3 Employee Drivers by Role and Employee+Drivers+by+Role module? 

1.1) If I load the original downloaded file of "Role List", it's showing the following error.



1.2) So I deleted the Parent column to load it as below. 



2.1) After the step above, I am getting error from importing Employee Drivers by Role data into the EMP03 Employee Drivers by Role module. I wonder if I did step 1.2) correctly? If step 1.2) is correct, should I change the downloaded file Employee Drivers by Role? Here's the what I am getting after importing Employee Drivers by Role.







  • @mimi816 

    You're doing everything correctly. I suspect that the role list is off a bit, so let's try a couple things:

    1. Delete all the list items (not the list, just the list items). We need to make sure the "All Roles" is the top level, not a list item. Make sure "All Roles" is the top level like the image below.
    2. Reload the data for roles. There should be no errors and it should look like the image below. Make sure the list is correct before moving on.


    List should look like this:


    Grid View



  • @JaredDolich 

    The screenshot is very helpful! I have successfully imported the Role information. However, I still can't figure out the error when importing Employee Drivers by Role. I have updated the format column as the third screenshot below to match the format for each driver.


    Here're my steps:







  • @mimi816 

    Two issues that I can see.

    1. EMP03 is missing a list. Should have Role AND E1 Departments.
    2. Mapping should look like the following:



  • Thanks @JaredDolich but how did you remove time dimention on above mapping? It is showing as one of the dimentions in pivot view, so it is reflecting in my data mapping also which is creating the issue.. kinldy help urgently..