1.5.2 Activity: Import Data into Beginning Inventory_not getting correct data after import

I have downloaded below inventory file.


Performed below mapping.




Still I am not getting correct output( Beginning Inventory column).


I am getting below output. Could anyone please help me.






  • Hi @SupriyaH
    Your import is correct, try changing the location from New York to San Fransisco, you'll see the value 9500 in Raising the bar_EN and so on. Hope Your question is resolved.





  • Thanks @sobaid
    In model building activity they require below output.


    Could you please guide me the steps how to get this output. 

  • I see,
    Step1: You have to pivot the P3 SKU and s G3 Location distribution centers in rows and line item in column and,
    Step 2: Apply filter on line item to be greater than 0.
    Step 3: Go to P3 SKU Column and select levels to show (options you get when you right click), and only select P3 SKU, similarly for distribution centers let the level is marked for distribution centers only. Your view is good for export!

  • @sobaid Hi

    I have applied filter and got below result.


    I am not able to create view Export as they want only 3 columns in output. Could you please guide me through screenshot as I have tried from select levels. But unable to get output.



    Thanks is advance 🙂


  • Hi
    You can Show/Hide the line item you want in this case you can select the line item Beginning Inventory and create a saved view then you can run export from the view. or

    Instead of creating the line item (Filter in your case) you can select the line item Beginning Inventory and click on Filter Icon above and create a filter Data01 Beginning Inventory > 0

  • @sobaid Thanks I have got required output