[UX] Ability for Context Selectors to Default to Highest Level?




Is there functionality to have context selectors default to the highest level in the UX? 



When a user moves from page to page, the context selectors are synced to the prior selection. However, we just want the Total to automatically be selected whenever navigating to a new page.


We have the grids/charts in the page synced.



I've tested selecting "Use Top Level As Default Page" for each list in the hierarchy but it hasn't seemed to make a difference.



Another detail is that each page with this hierarchy has a separate subset of the list.


Thank you

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  • rrist
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    2023 Update - It looks like Anaplan has updated this ability for the New UX. Selecting 'Use top level as default page?' works for New UX now


  • Misbah



    No, I don't think so there is way to have it set to Top Level. It used to be available in Classic UX where you could mark "Use Top Level as Default Page". 




    Miz Logix

  • There are two ways I might interpret the requirement:

    1. If you want to "fix" the context so that it is always TOTAL and end users cannot change this, you can configure the cards on the page with a specific context and disable the selector for that dimension (see below for screenshot).
    2. If you still want end users to be able to change the context, but always open the page to a specific context in every session (i.e. a default value), then this is something that is not currently possible, but has been requested in the Idea Exchange. I would recommend Kudo'ing, subscribing, and posting a comment with your use case/example if it's not covered in the existing description or comments.


    Re (1), here is an example of how you can fix the context of a card to a specific value:



  • rrist

    Thank you for the detail!

    We want users to be able to adjust the selector (option 2) so I will follow up in the idea exchange.