Fastest way to replicate changes in SYS Property modules


Hi Everyone,


I need your help to replicate same changes from one SYS module to some of the SYS modules. 

Let's say I add some line items in one SYS module and there are 30+ similar SYS modules. Is there a quick way to replicate these changes in other modules so that name, format, formula and summary settings can be updated for these new line items? 




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  • KirillKuznetsov


    If you have to edit excisting modules' line items - you can copy and paste blueprint from one module to another one. There is Line Items tab in Modules section to quickly copy/paste



    If you have to recreate a new module with similar line items - you can use Copy Module feature.




  • To add on top of what @KirillKuznetsov said, you can also build an import process that will target the blue print. You will need to create 30+ different import actions in each of your target modules (then include in a process). Just be careful, to always keep your source module clean. I don't believe you can pre-select what to import and will always take all line items found. must be tested though. 

    It will not copy formula or the format.

  • @Alexandru.Rosca  i also thought about it but import to blueprint only updates Name, Parent and Code of line items. So this way you can only simplify the creation of line items but all of the properties (such as Format, Formula, etc.) must be updated from the blueprint manually

  • @KirillKuznetsov @Alexandru.Rosca 

    I tried importing in blueprint view but as you have mentioned it doesn't update formula and format of new line items.

  • @KirillKuznetsov 


    Can we copy and paste new line items from one module to another in this section? 

    For ex:- Module M1 has 8 line items, Module M2 has 4 line items. I want to copy name, format and formula of 4 remaining line items from M1 to M2. Can we do that?

    I tried but it didn't work. May be I missed something. I was only able to copy over an existing line item but couldn't copy them as new line items.

    Please show me if this is possible.


  • @ShubhamChyou cannot copy to create new line items, unfortunately. Only copy and paste settings to the excisting line items. So you would have to create/import new line items to the module and then use Ctrl+C/ +V

  • Yeah, Got it!
    First I'll import new line items then I'll copy paste the definition in this section.