Data Copy for more than 10k rows of a single line item.


Hi Community,

What are the possible ways to load a single date into (Date Formatted) line item which has more than 10000 records.

I know the few drills which is 

1) Importing manually by creating a csv of that single line item with multiple rows

2) Copy down method (applicable only for 10k rows only)

Does anyone have any possible way except above? Any Suggestion will be helpful




Muizz S.

Best Answers


  • If you need a single value for that line item, you can just hard code that value into the formula and then delete it.

  • @rishabh01 Thanks for the idea!! It worked on our test model.

    @KirillKuznetsov Thanks for your suggestion. But needed to clarify that whether your method is limited to 10k values only? Because I have a data of almost 1M+ entries which need to be assigned a single date. Please let us know if any other approach is possible!!

    Thanks a lot both of you!!



    Muizz S.