Integration acknowledgement to Anaplan


In the scope of an integration from Anaplan to a target system using Mulesoft, I want the best and most efffective way to perform "Ready" and "Success" flags. I explain :


Mulesoft flow will use a scheduler to connect to the Anaplan connector at a regular timing. If the Anaplan user performed a new calculation and have a new output ready, The "ready flag" should be set to true. Mulesoft will then know that he needs to download the data's. 

If no new output is ready, then Mulesoft will read the false value and wait until the next scheduled call.


Similarly, when the integration is succesfully performed into the target system, i will need the "acknoweldge flag" to be put to True.


Being new on Anaplan, I don't know the best way to do that without having a too complex solution. I was thinking of creating a list with only one boolean and then update that boolean everytime a button is pressed in the UX, but the the other part of the process is still confusing for me. 

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  • JaredDolich
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    Best place to start is to create an export action that you can pull through with Mulesoft on a scheduler. If the Boolean is set to TRUE then it's "ready". One suggestion on this though is that you use DCA to disable any further planning until the results have been returned to Anaplan. Otherwise, you run the risk of having Mulesoft pick up another "ready" indicator before you've finished with the prior one.