How to check if authentication works after CA installed on Anaplan




What is the best way to check if authentication works properly after CA is installed on Anaplan? 


I followed to try to check the CA, but it returns "Failure_bad_credential"


I'm not a Postman expert nor integration expert so any suggestions would be appreciated.


Thank you in advance!


  • I would recommend going through this guide on CA certificate authentication:


    In Part 2, there are some options presented on how to generate the encoded string for authentication. If you are looking to validate the authentication using cURL on the command line, you will need an external script or utility to manually generate the encoded string, and then copy the final result into your cURL command.

  • AmyX
    Hi Ryan,

    Those links are useful. Thanks for sharing!

    I do have the public certificate (.pem) and encoded strings provided. That's why I thought having the cURL on the command line with those info would be able to work. Not really sure what went wrong there.
  • The apiary for the authentication API has an example of the cURL command to request authentication via CA certificate.



    curl -X POST -H "authorization:CACertificate {your_CA_certificate}" -H "Content-Type:application/json" -d '{"encodedData":"{encoded_string}",



    If you have the 3 required strings (CA cert text, encodedData, and encodedSignedData), this should work using cURL. The certificate goes in the header ("-H") and the other two strings are going in the request body ("-d") in JSON format (enclosed in curly brackets).


    Note that sometimes, the CA cert text will have "begin" and "end" tags in the file, but you'll need to strip these out.