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In this article, you'll learn about the different integration options in Anaplan and discover how to leverage them to maintain and automate your ecosystem. Then, learn about data hub best practices and how to operationalize your connected architecture best.


Screen Shot 2022-07-07 at 5.26.19 PM.pngHere you'll find a consolidated view of useful links and key insights needed to take those learnings and apply them in your specific context. Refer to the attached presentation (see 'Attachments' on the right-hand side) for additional insights shared at Anaplan Live! 2022. 


​Data integration useful links

  1. Postman Online Collection (hover over the collection name, click the ellipsis, and click "export") 
  2. Download Postman 
  3. Look for the Import button on Postman desktop program and select the previously downloaded file
  4. Data Integration Decision App
  5. Cloudworks Technical Documentation

Data Hub key takeaways


  • Naming conventions
  • Self-service for spoke
    • Searchable, comprehensive, automated
  • IT-friendly
    • Unique codes and detailed requirements


  • No duplicates
  • No Hierarchies
    • No modeling in the Hub / no need for hierarchies
  • No analytical modules
    • Unless they are being used to consolidate data for the spoke model
  • No deleting a list and reloading
    • Use Delta loads

​Data Hub useful links

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Contributing author Joey Morisette.