Best Places to Look for Entry Level Anaplan Jobs?


Hi There!


New Anaplanner here, completed Level 1 and 2 and finishing up The Anaplan Way soon. 


As I begin to plan ahead and look through job postings, I'm seeing a lot of "1-2 years of hands-on experience required" (understandable) but hoping for some guidance on what would be good entry-level positions for individuals like myself who are super excited about using and learning Anaplan, but have recently made a career pivot and don't have much prior experience. 


I've seen lots of available job postings via LinkedIn, etc but would love to hear how people got their foot in the door for that first job to gain the 1-2 years of experience needed.


Much thanks in advance for any guidance/suggestions!


  • Jluna

    Sorry to ask, when did your cohort start, I'm lesson 7. I'm scratching my head more than ever. Does it get better after all this learning. My brain is trying to connect the dots but when it gets stuck, it gets stuck lol.  I'm getting a little intimidated. Our cohort started in the second week of June. 

  • Hi @Jluna,

    I actually just did the self-guided learning (although honestly, I wish I had done a cohort so I had others to talk with). To be honest, Level 2 was more difficult than Level 1 because there were less ways to check if you were on the right track with your model. I found a few things helpful:


    1. The forums were by far the most helpful. Many people get stuck in the exact same spots. There are a few moderators that do a great job in pointing you in the right direction. Sometimes you'll even stumble across the answer you are looking for, which IMO is okay as long as you go back and figure out how they got there. 

    2. Sometimes it helped to just walk away and sleep on it, and it'd be much easier to see the next day.

    3. I was definitely intimidated as well, but the more you get into the learning the process it becomes pretty apparent that you're not supposed to have all the answers. All you need is a basic foundation and a willingness to keep learning from your more experienced coworkers. It seems like even very advanced model builders are still learning new things every day. It's a massive platform with many different answers to one problem.

    4. There are a few times in which the program simulates "bugs", so if there's a small detail that you're hung up on I'd make a note and continue on, and after you build more you may have a better understanding of what's going wrong. 


    Best of luck!

  • Jluna
    Thank you, I'm actually dealing something with something. Hopefully I get to resolve it soon. Thank you for responding much appreciated