Update Historic Volumes for Baseline Forecast_i am not able to get data




I have used below offset formula.

IF 'SYS01 Time Settings By Week'.'1st Forecast Year?' THEN OFFSET(Volumes, -52, 0) ELSE 0


I am getting all zeros also my volume line item data got blank. At first I was able to see data. But now both the line items showing data as 0. 

Could anyone please help me. refer attached screenshots. Also please elaborate how we have used offset function in formula.




Thanks in Advance.




  • @SupriyaH 

    Two observations.

    1. The offset is 52 weeks so you won't see anything 2019. Scroll to 20220 to see the values.
    2. Your "Volumes" line item is empty. You will need to import the data before the Offset line item will work.



  • Thanks..Yes values are there in 2020.