7.2.1 Activity: Import Data into Product Details Module Question


Hi there, 

I am having trouble importing data and I think my mapping may be off. When I get to the Product Details Line Items, there are no selections available. Can anyone advise?


  • @jacksonmeridian 

    Oh, so close! When we map the .csv to Anaplan we have to answer two questions.

    1. Where are the lists (hierarchies)? In this case, you only have one list. Product and you gave Anaplan the right column.
    2. Where are the line items (product details)? In this case there are more than one so you need to select "Column Headers". This will allow you to map the column headers to the line items.

    Hope that helps! You got this.

  • When trying to import the data again, it now shows the Versions dimension in the mapping. Do I need to delete the data and start the import again? I'm unsure how to get the Versions tab out of the mapping.

    Otherwise, my mapping should show-

    Column 1 Product Code under P2 Products 

    Column Headers under SYS06 Product Details Line Items

    Is this correct?

  • Here is the end result I'm working towards. 

  • @jacksonmeridian 

    Remove versions from your module. Should look like this:



  • I have removed versions but am still getting this error message. Is there something else I can try? Perhaps deleting the data and starting over. 

  • @jacksonmeridian 

    Check your product list. The error suggests that it cannot find the product codes. You may have to reload the product list if that is the case.

  • I Have some problems to do this exercises

    The first step, It's correct?

    The second step, I' ve tried tu put the information, but doesn't appear anything, is possible someone to send to me a correct step to get this exercise?