SYS06 7.2.2


Hi! I've been trying to figure out what went wrong when importing products.csv, but I haven't been able to. Every piece of information imported correctly, except for the codes for the first 5 candy bars. May someone assist me with this? SYS06.png


  • @JOVince9 

    Interesting. I think the only way this can be is related to your product list. Somehow you managed to load some products using the size as a code. Best suggestion is to open up the list and delete the products that don't belong.


  • Spoiler
    Thanks, Jared. I checked, but my list didn't have any discrepancies. 
  • @JOVince9 

    Awesome news. Let's get a snapshot of the product list in grid view. We should check the codes being used.

  • Thank you Jared! That was the fix I needed. I appreciate you. 

  • Below is a snapshot for reference for others. This is where I edited the code. 


    P2 Products.png