L2 3.5.5 Unable to select at location level in the hierarchy in the Ux

Hello all,

I am trying to select a location from the hierarchy filter (example - New York) but after I select New York the selection shows US instead of just showing New York (i.e. it shows country level only and not location level). Don't know where I am going wrong here. Below is the screenshot:





  • Can you click on the Show/Hide menu on the widget beside the country


    Below is just an example, is it possible the City level is unchecked just like the G4T level below is unchecked?




  • Thanks for replying. No, the location level is not unchecked. I am able to select it in the drop down. However, after selection, the results go back to the Country level.


    I am clicking on New York in the below screenshot:


    Yet in the result, I get all locations in US as shown in the image below: