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          Is there any possibility for manually entering and using formula in same line item...

Knowing its not possible still is there any possibility for the same ....






  • Hello Jeevak,


    Once you add a formula, it would not be generally possible to input a number. There are ways around though, as you could have 3 line items following the next criteria:


    1. Line item with the formula
    2. Line item where data can be manually inputted.
    3. Line item with an if statement that based on different criteria driving the data (i.e., 4th line item with a boolean or to use only the data from line item 2 when this one is not blank) 

    Hope that is helpful!

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    Bruno Rodriguez

  • Short answer is no, you cannot have one row/column that is both editable and formula driven.

    The only time you can do that is by using versions and restricting the scope of formula from within the blueprint. This restricts the formula to certain versions and other versions are editable but again, this isn't one row/column

  • If you are using Versions in your model, you can leverage the Formula Scope functionality to have a formula apply to a specific version, and then leave the formula blank for another version. You would typically use this approach if you are doing something like importing actuals, but using a formula to generate a forecast.


    If you are looking to allow users to override a formula-driven value, then you would configure the model per @Bruno's suggestion. You can also view a microlesson from Level 2 Model Building on configuring a model to allow overrides: How to Adjust or Override a Previously Calculated Value (3 min).

  • Hi @JEEVAK 


    Essentially if you are using a formula for line item , you would not be able to manually input values , however if your module uses native versions , there is a possibility that the formula can be restricted to be applied to only particular versions (Actual , or current ) etc. Meaning that for the other versions where scope is not applicable , values can be entered manually