Line item subset for %, Only one line item subset is allowed


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I want to leverage line item subset to create a summary view of headcount data for the total company.

The way headcount is disaggregated varies depending on the business unit (sites, center, SCL)

  • Site headcount is divided into facility non-enabling functions and facility enabling functions.
  • Center headcount is divided into leadership, HR, finance,...
  • SCL headcount is divided into company employees and contractors.

To capture actuals and budget for each BU I have created separate modules, one for each, using the headcount division list of each BU as a dimension and with line items (Actuals, Budget, Actuals vs Budget, Actuals vs Budget %).

I now want to create a total summary across BU of total headcount for the full company. 

However, only for the Site BU I still need the detailed disaggregation as part of the total, for Center and SCL I just need the total without any disaggregation.

I created a line item subset which holds line items Actual, Budget, Actual vs Budget from the Sites module. I created a Staging headcount module in which I use COLLECT and Select to retrieve the data I need and for Center and SCL I have another formula referring to the Center or SCL module. Everything is working fine except that I cannot change the format from number to percentage for the Actual vs Budget % LIS item. 

My solution to this was to create another module "MOS Headcount Summary" . This module has Actual, Budget, Budget vs Actual as line items and the disaggregation of headcount as LIS ("LIS - Headcount Categories) based on the staging module as another dimension. 

In my Data line item, I would need to use the COLLECT() formula and have Quarter, "LIS - Headcount Categories" and "LIS - Staging Headcount Act/Budget" as Applies To. Unfortunately I get the error message "Only one line item subset is allowed". 


How can I solve this issue? Which workaround could I use?

(see print screens attached for more details)


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Best Answer

  • JensitSebastian

    Hi @LouiseBourgonjon ,


    As a workaround take another line item say DATA 2 set format in percentage format and Collect(). Publish the Actuals, Budget on one grid card and Actual vs Budget % (using DATA 2 line item) on another Grid Card. And please make use of the newly released Synchronize scroll feature (Vertical scroll on both cards) so that you will not have trouble viewing data. 


    Hope this helps!


    [Unfortunately Anaplan only allows single LIS in a Module. :(]


    Hope this helps.





  • Thank you @JensitSebastian . Then only disadvantage is that end users, when they export to Excel, would need to export two cards.

    In the meantime I have found another way, without LIS, and within my original Headcount Site module to accomplish what I was looking for. 

  • @LouiseBourgonjon Glad that you designed a different solution. And yeah agree export will not be pleasant.