Create product Replenishment Page


I am trying to create UX page for this. Time does not show as expected and also Shipping Method line do not show anything although my INV01 module looks good. Please guide me.


Screenshot of my INV01: 









  • Hi @Markcol 


    I see you are using the Planning Period Filter Grid to filter your main view. I think you have directly used it as a filter in your main view without appreciating that your filter is at month level and your module/main view at weeks. 


    You'd need to create a separate week module where you pull the months filter to weeks (use MONTHVALUE function) and then use that as a filter. This should solve both the issues.


    Just to explain why you don't see any value in Shipping Method, check your first SS. It doesn't have summary on so your month values are blank. 


    Hope this helps

  • Thanks Ankit, the problems are solved.