Level 1 Model Building Exam activity 7


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I am on Activity 7, I am able to bring the REP04 list data as described in the question. However, I am struggling with Page Selector, how can I get those dimension drop downs in text box?

Secondly, I am also struggling with Line Chart, how to get years on X axis and the different colors for the executive, director, so on and so forth. I think I can post the screen shot but I don't want to take a risk of giving away the question.



  • @abhishah 

    Great questions! 

    1. The selectors can be controlled by going into the designer, click on the grid, then select the "context" tab.
    2. For line charts and column charts, whatever is in the columns (pivot) will be your X-axis. In the event you have a nested list in the columns the top column will be the x axis.

    Almost there! You got this.

  • Thank you again for the quick response, I resolved the second question for Line Chart.

    However, I am still confused on question 1 because I am not able to find the grid or context button. 

  • Hello Jared,

    Thank you so much for your help through the whole exam sir. You are a genius.

    I passed the exam with 90% score, just because of your help. 

  • You're an Anaplan Champion @abhishah - I hope you'll continue on to Level 2. It's a game changer!


  • When I am selecting All Region table gets blank, though there are 3 region with different value and if you will sum it you will have exact value that it should be but it appears as blank while selecting page as All Region

    Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!!