Line Item description on a dashboard


in a grid on a card I would like to see the description of a line item next to the line item.

Module has time dimension


The (numbered) list referenced in this module is also  referenced by other modules, so I cannot easily change the Display Name Property

The description is a property on the list.

Any suggestions how I could succeed in displaying the description next to the line item, before the time scale columns ?






  • My suggestion would be to publish two grids next to one other, and enable a synchronized scroll between them. For example, the grid on the left would show the list item display name (code) and show a single line item with the description, and the grid on the right would be what you have published right now. For the grid on the right, I would also shrink down the width of the list item name column as much as possible to save space.

  • Thanx Ryan,

    works fine